Geology Research

Mr. Anthony Love, Geology laboratories manager, uses SEM for his research. His work is centered around materials analysis and characterization with a focus on meteorites. He also co-teaches a special topics course called Introduction to Meteorites and Cosmochemistry, which utilizes the SEM and EDS system to teach students about mineral composition within meteorite minerals and how composition relates to mineral evolution within the solar system. He uses the SEM as a primary tool for meteorite classification, which requires a combination of high resolution microscopy and chemical analysis. These projects are published in the international database for meteorites and planetary materials, the Meteoritical Bulletin. Another portion of his position is dedicated to public outreach where members of the public can bring in unknown rock or mineral samples for identification. Due to the unique nature of some of these specimens, electron microscopy and qualitative analysis are the best means to obtain non-destructive results for their identification. The SEM is an essential instrument that enhances his ability to enlighten and engage students and the public, about geologic materials and contributes to the global database on known asteroidal and planetary meteorite samples. 

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