William C. and Ruth Ann Dewel Microscopy Facility

Welcome to William C. and Ruth Ann Dewel - College of Arts & Sciences (Dewel-CAS) Microscopy Facility at Appalachian State University (ASU). We provide light microscopy, laser scanning confocal microscopy, and electron microscopy equipment and technical support to ASU and Appalachian Communities.

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Journal Cover Image

Dr. Ted Zerucha studies embryonic development. Their DIC image of the zebrafish features the cover story of a recent issue of Eastern Biologist.

BIO4564/5564 Microscopy

This course is designed for students to learn the principles and techniques of biological microscopy. Lectures include discussions on preparative techniques for various types of bioimaging, the optical theories behind the imaging technologies, Laboratories examine practical techniques of cell/tissue preparation for various kinds of microscopy, the effective use...

New Biology Research

Dr. Susan L Edwards investigates the role of Rhesus proteins in Agnathan fishes as a mechanism of ammonia excretion. (NSF IOS: 1121369)


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