Director of Microscopy Facility

Name Position Department
Hou, Guichuan Research Associate Professor Biology

CAS Dean's Office

Name Position Department
Calamai, Anthony Dean of CAS
Dewel Director Emeritus
Henson, Dru Associate Dean of CAS
Henson, Richard Professor Emeritus, ex officio of CAS Executive Committee

CAS MIFA Advisory Committee

Name Position Department
Carmichael, Sarah Geology
Cecile, Jennifer Chemistry
Coffey, Tonya Physics & Astronomy
Dewel, Bill Faculty Emeritus Biology
Hageman, Steve Chair Geology
Kimball, Larry Anthropology
Mowa, Nathan Biology
Russell, Phil Physics & Astronomy

The College of Arts & Sciences


112 Rankin Science South
572 Rivers Street
Boone, NC 28608-2027

Dr. Guichuan Hou

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