Facility's Mission

College of Arts and Sciences Microscopy FacilityThe College of Arts and Sciences Microscopy Facility serves undergraduate and graduate students and faculty at Appalachian State University offering a wide variety of services in light and electron microscopy and image analysis. The CAS Microscopy Facility supports both research and teaching, and provides instruction and assistance on the use of state of the art imaging equipment. Scholarship is fostered through collaborative research and instruction among all invested departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and the greater scientific community. Outreach activities encourage the development of learning and creative research at the local and regional level.

Name and Scope of Unit: The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences established a unit known as the "College of Arts and Sciences Microscopy Facility". The CAS Microscopy Facility is a unit within the CAS Dean's Office and has a physical presence in a laboratory complex of the Rankin Science Building. The CAS Microscopy Facility concerns itself with shared microscopy resources in the College, both within and beyond the primary physical location. The Microscopy Facility does not have oversight of microscopy resources that are dedicated to a single department, research program or such resources for research and teaching solely within programs. The Facility will address current and future microscopy needs for CAS departments and other programs on campus, beyond just electron microscopy.