William C. and Ruth Ann Dewel Microscopy Facility

Welcome to William C. and Ruth Ann Dewel - College of Arts & Sciences (Dewel-CAS) Microscopy Facility at Appalachian State University (ASU). We provide light microscopy, laser scanning confocal microscopy, and electron microscopy equipment and technical support to ASU and Appalachian Communities.


Confocal Z-Series: reveals a punctate expression pattern of Meis gene in the trunk along the spine and neural tube in Zebrafish. The video is produced by graduate student Laiton Steele in Dr. Ted Zerucha‚Äôs lab.

TEM Tilt Series: shows inner membranes of a chloroplast in Arabidopsis. The video is produced by Dr. Guichuan Hou.

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The Karatan lab studies biofilm formation by the human intestinal pathogen Vibrio cholerae. Biofilms are communities of bacteria that live mostly attached to surfaces. Bacteria in biofilms are more tolerant to a variety of environmental stressors. They have been implicated in survival of this bacterium in its natural aquatic environment as well as in the human host. Dr. Karatan is...

NSF award DBI-1625779 for a new laser scanning confocal microscope

Photo by Marie Freeman

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Post-lab by Dr. Andrew Heckert: A STEM socializing and networking opportunity

                                                                  Who: STEM and...

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