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Biology Research Highlight


The Karatan lab studies biofilm formation by the human intestinal pathogen Vibrio cholerae. Biofilms are communities of bacteria that live mostly attached to surfaces. Bacteria in biofilms are more tolerant to a variety of environmental stressors. They have been implicated in survival of this bacterium in its natural aquatic environment as well as in the human host. Dr. Karatan is...

NSF award DBI-1625779 for a new laser scanning confocal microscope

Photo by Marie Freeman

ASU News


Post-lab by Dr. Andrew Heckert: A STEM socializing and networking opportunity

                                                                  Who: STEM and...

Geology Research

Mr. Anthony Love, Geology laboratories manager, uses SEM for his research. His work is centered around materials analysis and characterization with a focus on meteorites. He also co-teaches a special topics course called Introduction to Meteorites and Cosmochemistry, which utilizes the SEM and EDS system to teach students about mineral composition within meteorite minerals and how...

Graduate Student News

Biology graduate student Mara Cloutier in Dr. Suzanna Brauer's lab studies manganese-oxidizing bacteria and fungi using molecular techniques and SEM-EDS. She has been awarded several grants for her research and soon she will start her PhD project in Penn State - Congratulations to Mara!

Future Scientists

DukeTIP students visited the microscopy facility June 12th. They watched demos with diffferent microscopes and asked many interesting questions.

Geology Research Highlight

Hugh Harper and Dr. Ellen Cowan (Geology Department) are imaging the surface texture of quartz sand grains with SEM and EDS to determine the glacial history of iceberg rafted grains recovered during IODP drilling from the Gulf of Alaska. The outline of each grain is also used to calculate grain roughness using Fourier analysis.

Journal Cover Image

Dr. Ted Zerucha studies embryonic development. Their DIC image of the zebrafish features the cover story of a recent issue of Eastern Biologist.

BIO4564/5564 Microscopy

This course is designed for students to learn the principles and techniques of biological microscopy. Lectures include discussions on preparative techniques for various types of bioimaging, the optical theories behind the imaging technologies, Laboratories examine practical techniques of cell/tissue preparation for various kinds of microscopy, the effective use...

New Biology Research

Dr. Susan L Edwards investigates the role of Rhesus proteins in Agnathan fishes as a mechanism of ammonia excretion. (NSF IOS: 1121369)


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